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This is how long it takes to recover from a root canal

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Parkway Dentistry at Langtree
This is how long it takes to recover from a root canalSeeing an endodontist is intimidating to some people since they fear the root canal procedure. When you understand what root canal therapy entails can help finish all these fears and can make you feel better going to have a root canal. Root canal therapy is a procedure supposed to soothe pain, the dental profession uses technology like digital imaging, operating microscopes, and ultrasonic tools and with precision. After root canal therapy it will take you some time before going back to your normal routine. The process will be determined by the diet and general care given.

Recovery process

If the tooth was infected before the procedure this might mean that it will be sensitive for the first few days after the therapy. The dentist will give you a strong painkiller if you experience severe pain later on. Normally the patient will return to routine after the therapy the following day. IT is good to wait for the permanent filling to heal before chewing with the tooth that has been treated. This is a process that ensures that the fractured tooth is safeguarded and does not get fractured or injured again. The area needs to be flossed and brushed to keep it clean.

When Can Ig o back to dentist

If you find out that the mouth is swollen or develop an allergy due to the dentist's prescription you need to come back to us immediately. Our dental team will examine you and check what is wrong and will recommend the best treatment for you. The root canal will restore your al health and our team is dedicated to this.
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