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Erosion Stomach upset and your teeth

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Parkway Dentistry at Langtree
Erosion Stomach upset and your teethFrequent stomach pains and upset could significantly affect your oral health. A frequently upset stomach causes the enamel of the teeth to gradually wear away in a process referred to as teeth erosion. Teeth erosion could affect one's appearance and predispose the mouth to other bacterial infections that would cause tooth conditions like cavities and periodontal diseases.

How stomach problems affect the teeth

Naturally, the stomach produces acids that help in the breakdown of food. Sometimes, the acids might travel to the mouth up the throat, especially after one ate a large meal. These acids erode the teeth, wearing them out. The saliva in the mouth helps rebalance the acid and bacterial levels, spiraling everything back to normal.

However, some individuals suffer from gastroesophageal or acid reflux. These have their acids traveling up them through to their teeth frequently, sometimes throughout the day. The condition manifests severely when one is asleep as there is less saliva production to rebalance the situation. Some reflux medication tends to dry up the mouth, increasing the severity of the condition. Saliva also helps wash down food particles and bacteria from the mouth. This cleaning helps reduce bacteria that attack the tooth enamel causing cavities.

Symptoms of an eroded enamel

The erosion of the enamel is a permanent condition that causes sensitivity and pain when consuming hot, sweet, or cold drinks. The teeth could also be discolored and look yellowish. One could also develop an abscess or have their teeth extracted. This condition worsens cavities over time and distorts dental fillings already installed.

To counter this condition, a patient could try sugarless gum to encourage saliva flow, take OTC drugs and fluoride treatment gels to strengthen the teeth' enamel. One should also refrain from destructive lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking as they could cause frequent stomach upsets. It is also essential to visit the dentist regularly for cleaning and checkups and a physician to treat stomach upsets and acid refluxes.
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