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Wisdom Teeth Extraction and How to Keep the Socket Healthy

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Parkway Dentistry at Langtree
Wisdom Teeth Extraction and How to Keep the Socket HealthyPeople get scared at the thought of tooth extraction. However, sometimes that may be the best thing to do. When a tooth is severely infected and hazardous to the health of the other teeth, our professionals might decide it is the best path forward.

If a tooth is severely infected and is causing agonizing pain and preventing you from even eating normally, an extraction might be the only available option. Sometimes a wisdom tooth might have to be extracted to resolve overcrowding in the oral cavity. That will allow the rest of the teeth the space they need to be comfortable.

Good Reasons to Extract a Tooth

There are two types of extractions – surgical and non-surgical. A non-surgical extraction is done when the tooth is almost out and our professionals just help it out. A surgical extraction is done when the tooth is not easily reached. This is done using an anesthetic. Sometimes this kind of extraction is done because the tooth has decayed beyond redemption. Another scenario where tooth extraction might be the best course is in the case of periodontal disease where the gum disease and infection have spread and damaged the jaw bone and caused damage beyond repair.

Options After an Extraction

When that throbbing pain is unbearable and extraction is imminent, don't worry about what will happen once the tooth is out. We have plenty of options to replace the tooth and help you regain your original smile. The options vary depending on the position of the tooth and the damage the original tooth has caused. You can choose from fixed dental implants and dental bridges to even removable dentures. If you are still not sure about your extraction, contact us and we will clear all your doubts. Schedule an appointment with our extraction specialists today itself.
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