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Understanding an Avulsed Tooth

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Parkway Dentistry at Langtree
Understanding an Avulsed ToothThis is a call no guardian wants to answer. As you blurt out a greeting, you remember filling out the camp form with this number as the emergency contact. The voice on the other line quickly gets to the point. Your son has lost a tooth playing football, is holding it in a cup of water, and is headed to our office to figure out the best dental treatment for an avulsed tooth. As you grab your keys to meet your camper and his driver, it is hard to imagine what may come next.

An Avulsed Tooth Explained

It may be helpful at this point in the story to pause and explain what an avulsed tooth is all about. An avulsed tooth is a permanent tooth that has been traumatically dislocated from the bony socket. Growing up, we called this a knocked-out tooth. This is a dental emergency. The good news is that it can be salvageable for a reimplementation if the tooth and mouth are treated right away. It is important not to try to clean the tooth before coming to our office. It is best if the tooth can be placed in ice water or cold milk to preserve it.

Reimplementation is the main goal of this dental emergency. We would seek to preserve the ligament attached to the roots. We may use a local analgesia, irrigate the socket with saline, and attempt to reinsert the tooth. If we can reinsert the tooth it will need to be splinted in place. It is also important not to eat or drink anything hot or cold.

Get to Our Office Quickly

As with any dental emergency, make your way to our office as quickly as possible. We will work efficiently to manage your avulsed tooth, as well as any other dental emergency you may have. We are here to help you when unexpected trauma impacts your oral health.
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