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Extraction and Dentures on the Same Day

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Parkway Dentistry at Langtree
Extraction and Dentures on the Same DayIn this day and age where people are always in a hurry, you may wonder if it is possible to have teeth extracted and replaced with dentures on the same day. The good news is our professionals are now capable of extracting your teeth replacing them with dentures within a few hours. We specialize in customizing same-day dentures that help with the complete restoration of your teeth and take away the embarrassment of being without teeth for more than a day.

Time Factor

Traditional dentures need to be customized as per your mouth structure and shape and this is why takes two to three weeks to prepare the perfect set of dentures. Same-day dentures also consider your mouth structure and your teeth size and color however they don't take as long. The measurements and dimensions are taken precisely by our professionals to give you the perfect comfortable fit. There are certain tips you will need to remember to maintain your dentures. Although these are same-day dentures, they are durable and fit just as well as your traditional dentures.

Better Oral Health

Your overall oral health is the determining factor for same-day extraction and placement of dentures. Our professionals will check your oral health and determine if you qualify for this procedure. Once the extraction and restoration are complete, it does take a while to get accustomed to your new orthodontics.
The best part about this same-day extraction and restoration is you don't need to go through the painful ordeal of being without your teeth for a few weeks. To find out more and to set up your appointment with us, contact our office and we will guide you with the next steps. Our professionals will evaluate your teeth and decide when your same-day extraction and restoration can be completed.
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