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If You Improve Your Oral Health, It Can Help You Have More Energy

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Parkway Dentistry at Langtree
 If You Improve Your Oral Health, It Can Help You Have More EnergyA lot of people struggle, especially this time of year, finding the energy to keep things moving along. Unfortunately, millions of people turn to caffeinated beverages and energy drinks to try and keep up. What if we told you, the simple act of improving your oral health can help give you the healthy energy boost you've been looking for!

Direct Effects of Good Oral Care

Oral problems such as bruxism and tooth sensitivity can cause pain in patients' teeth, mouth, and jaw, which is distracting and draining. Applying solutions such as custom-made nightguards or veneers can reduce or eliminate the pain, causing fewer distractions for the patient and increasing the chances of the patient getting uninterrupted sleep. Mouths that do not have significant alignment issues with biting or with teeth operate more efficiently, which means less energy usage for activities such as chewing and speaking.

Indirect Effects of Good Oral Care

Harmful bacteria in the mouth can spread throughout the rest of the body when patients neglect their oral care. However, good oral care keeps harmful bacteria at manageable levels, preventing them from spreading from the mouth and causing problems such as heart disease and memory loss. Also, patients who elect to improve their oral health by modifying their diet – such as reducing the number of acidic drinks and consuming more tooth-friendly foods such as apples, cheese, and celery – will also benefit from the additional nutrients present in the foods including fortified muscles that operate more efficiently.

There are many types of oral health problems that a patient can face, ranging from mild toothaches to severe oral cancer. When the bacteria or pathogens travel from the mouth, they can cause damage and illnesses in the rest of the body. Therefore, an unhealthy mouth both directly and indirectly leads to poor overall health and low energy levels. Patients with low energy levels should contact our office for a dental exam to determine whether oral health complications are the cause. Our team can provide both treatment plans to address oral health problems and dietary modifications to promote both mouth health and overall health.
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