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How Lemon Juice Damages Tooth Enamel

Posted on 10/5/2020 by Parkway Dentistry at Langtree
How Lemon Juice Damages Tooth EnamelWe are constantly bombarded with different messages concerning tooth care. What to do to properly clean and maintain them and also what to avoid in order to have our natural teeth last a lifetime. But did you ever hear that lemon juice could damage your tooth enamel?

Well, while it can be an excellent source of vitamin C, it is also very acidic and can eat away at the tooth's enamel over time. Whether drinking lemonade or just lemon-flavored water, the acidic content is bad for your teeth. So, why are we not ridding the world of lemons to stop the erosion of tooth enamel? Well, there's another side to lemons.

Are Lemons All Bad?

As with everything there are benefits to ingesting lemons and lemonade to go along with the drawbacks. It is always important to remember, moderation with everything. We are not suggesting a patient eat a hundred lemons a day, but ingesting some lemon during the day can benefit their oral health.

While we've already mentioned its vitamin C content, it also has several other plant compounds which can aid in reducing heart disease, weight loss, lower your risk of cancer, help with digestive tract issues and minimize the occurrence of kidney stones.

Another benefit is natural lemon flavor can be ingested to help with the symptoms of an aching tooth. It combats the bacteria causing the pain and neutralizes it. The natural vitamin C levels are also good for bolstering the immune system.

Safe Ways to Ingest Lemons

One way is to always drink cold lemon water. Warm water allows the acids to be more prevalent to tooth enamel. Also drink through a straw and rinse your mouth with water following drinking lemonade or eating a lemon. Wait an hour to brush as the acid softens the tooth enamel and brushing soft enamel can damage it. If you have any questions regarding acidic foods or beverages, please free to contact us.
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