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How Your Teeth Show You They Need Dental Help

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Parkway Dentistry at Langtree
How Your Teeth Show You They Need Dental Help

Sometimes you just need to come to our office because your teeth will tell you. Regardless if you have a busy schedule or lack of insurance or think that because you purchased that electric toothbrush it will fix everything. Dentists are still needed. Here are a few signs that your teeth will show you that a trip to our office is overdue and you need dental care.


First and foremost, of course, is toothache pain. This pain can be anywhere on the pain scale from 1-10, but if it is constant pain means you should see us now, not six months from now, but as soon as possible. You can incur cavities, infections and any number of problems by not taking care of that aching tooth.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is another reason it is time to call our office. If your mouth stops producing saliva you are especially suspectable to infection and bacteria that causes tooth decay. Your saliva neutralizes acids and helps your digestion of food and even influences your sense of taste. We will be able to help you identify the cause and help with recommendations to solve the issue.

Gum Irritation

Irritated Gums is another strong indication that you should come see us. If you see anything red as you brush your teeth you are most likely brushing with too much aggression or there is a serious issue with your gum tissue, called periodontitis. Constant bleeding is a sign of a serious issue.

Bad Breath

Another way your teeth let you know it is time for a dental checkup or visit is perhaps if you have bad breath. As bad breath is another sign of gum disease, or perhaps a dental cavity or perhaps another serious condition. Give us a call and let us give you a quick checkup and see what might be going on.

Pain in Your Jaw

Jaw pain is always and most probably an indicator that there might be a problem with your teeth or mouth. It might mean that you are grinding your teeth at night, and you probably do not even know it. It could also be that maybe the jaw pain is being triggered by a cavity as well. If the bacteria have traveled to the root of the tooth, it would then be causing pain on inside of your mouth and jaw. If left unattended by dental care, this will most likely lead to an abscessed tooth.

If you are in need of a checkup or cleaning or need to see our dentist because you are in pain, please call the office. Let us get you scheduled in for an appointment as soon as possible.
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