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Foods to Keep in the House for After a Filling or Crown

Posted on 2/29/2020 by LDAoffice
Foods to Keep in the House for After a Filling or CrownIn most cases, a filling or crown isn't a major procedure you can expect to have a lot of pain from. However, right after a filling or crown you may experience a minor amount of pain. This pain may make it difficult to eat certain foods. Some foods may even damage the filling or crown.

Foods that you should keep in your house after getting a crown or filling should be softer foods. For the first couple of hours after getting one, you may find it difficult to eat harder foods. We recommend foods like soft cheeses or even smoothies. Other foods include pudding, Jell-O, or beans. Basically, anything that's not crunchy is on the table.

While thinking about what foods to stock up on, you may want to think about drinks too. After you get a filling or crown, try to drink plenty of water. Water will help wash away any leftover food in your mouth also.

Foods to Avoid

There are plenty of foods that are great to eat after having a filling or crown installed. However, there are some that you want to avoid. Foods that are hard should be avoided. Eating hard foods right after having a filling or crown installed my damage them. In fact, entirely avoiding hard foods is advisable when you have either a filling or crown. These foods include hard candy, potato chips, and ice if you like to chew on it. Though the materials of fillings and crowns are durable, they are more brittle than natural teeth and can crack or come loose more easily.

Keeping your filling or crown safe will mean that they last for many, many years. While there are a few foods that should be avoided, there are plenty of delicious ones you can enjoy. If you have any questions about how to take care of your filling or crown, please give us a call.
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